There are many advantages in opting for a modular kitchen design rather than all other options mentioned in my previous post. This post is to list out a few;

After many years of kitchen usage, some units may have more wear and tear (like the sink unit due to water leakage, dampness etc). In a real Modular kitchen, those cabinets or panels can be replaced with minimal disruption. Once it is done, the kitchen might look as good as new.

In a modular kitchen, the raw material which goes into the making will be of excellent quality. Hence most good brands are able to give guarantee of at least 5 years. Also due to good quality material and imported machinery the final finished kitchen will definitely look superior (both inner and exterior).

While customization, the errors are minimized due to the design software used and technical competency of the designer. Optimal storage is planned and the cabinets are pre-drilled at the factory so the fitting of hardware and kitchen accessories will be precise. This will give the kitchen perfect lines between cabinets and makes it to stand out. Also the modular kitchen cabinets will be designed and made accessory friendly, which make it possible to add in future.

Today many are opting for built-in appliances in the kitchen. Each appliance is of different sizes and has ventilation, inlet / outlet requirements. All those factors will be taken into account and manufactured accordingly for hassle free installation and durability of the appliances.

Another feedback recently got from a customer is that due to the perfect fixing of each modular kitchen cabinet, there will not be any crevices and it reduces the chances of cockroaches.

Finally the installation time taken is minimal and site does not get untidy. There will not be any dust, noise, debris etc.

Modular kitchen in Chennai

Mathew Easow

Mathew Easow

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