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All types of Wardrobe Accessories in Chennai

Wardrobe accessories make it easier to store and retrieve your necessary items. Choose from various accessories like wardrobe pull outs, trouser holders, tie racks, belt racks, shoe racks, and pull out shelves. These stylish accessories make your storage area clutter free, organized, neat and clean. Your bedroom transforms into a neat space where everything is kept perfectly organized and stylish.

Hanger Rod with pull down option eases away Hanging Woes

The hanger rod with pull-down option allows you to use and access higher spaces within a wardrobe. It can ideally hang several items together and has a pull down bar which is easy to use. The end knob can be removed, allowing easy customization.

Saree and Trouser Holder help you to organize your Wardrobe

Saree and trouser holders or pull-outs help you stay organized and easily choose the dress you need without messing up the other dresses near it. The sturdy and sleek designs make it one of a kind and these are top mounting units that has the capacity to hold at least ten sarees or trousers.

Make your pick with modish Tie and Belt Holder

Sleek and voguish tie and belt holders help you to organize your accessories in an easy to pick array! Choose the tie holder with a single fold, and the belt holders come with a hanging option.

Keep your storage woes at bay with Multi-Purpose Storage Baskets

Multi-purpose storage baskets are very useful for the bottom portion of your wardrobe. These are pull-outs and the items stored are easy to access. As the name suggests, these baskets can be handy to store all kinds of accessories.

Keep your precious jewelry in the Ultra-Modern Jewelry Holder

No more intertwined jewels that take hours to get straight! Jewelry holder lets you arrange your precious possessions in a neat way that helps you pick the one you need with ease. You can use these as an organizer for your watches and other small accessories.

Pull out the racks and make your pick from Shoe Pull Out

All your shoes neatly arranged and tucked away in a pull-out rack. Isn’t that the best thing you could have while hurrying off to the office? Dapper designs and sleek looks make your shoe pull out the show-stopper of your wardrobe. It snugly fits in your wardrobe width and offers more storage space for arranging all your professional and casual footwear.

Catch a glimpse of yourself with the tucked in Pull Out Mirror

Pull-out mirrors are the ideal choice for wardrobes with sliding or folding doors, walk-in wardrobes and opening shutters. It makes minimum use of the cabinet space and eliminates the necessity of a separate room for dressing. Hence, it is very useful if you have a smaller room and to make maximum utilization of the available space.

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