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Hoop Pine provides you just the right accessories for your kitchen.

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Kitchen Accessories in Chennai: One stop solution for your modular kitchen needs


Kitchen accessories are meant for ease of access to items stored in different type of kitchen cabinets. Smart functionality and innovative designs help in creating better storage’s in available kitchen space. The units are intelligently designed to ensure functionality keeping the design aesthetics intact. Accessorize your kitchen to improve ease of usage, ease of storage and sophistication. Hoop Pine has partnered with reputed brands to provide you the best kitchen accessories in Chennai.

Types of Kitchen Accessories


Tall storage systems

Double up your cabinet storage by choosing tall storage systems for your Modular Kitchen. Most of the tall storage systems have storage facilities attached to the cabinet doors. As you open the door, you get to access the smaller packages along with the stored items in the pull out shelves inside. It is available as double door systems and single door systems.

Corner storage systems


Optimal storage solutions by making use of your kitchen corners. These kitchen accessories make accessing corners much easier and maximizes space utilization. The corner storage units can be set up in both L-corners and blind corners. Some of the commonly used accessories in kitchen corners are the swing corner, carousels, dual corner and universal magic corner.

Drawer systems and organizers

The drawer systems and organizers wipes away your storage woes and makes storing things easy as a pie. The organizers help in arranging stuff in your kitchen easier. The drawers made of durable materials ensure that it remains as good as new for years. Hoop Pine redefines kitchen storage solutions and makes optimum use of available space.

Pull out units


Pull out units as the name itself implies are storage units that can be pulled out that makes access easier and quicker. Commonly used pull out units are the side pull outs, bottle pull outs and grain trolleys. Hoop Pine helps you to make use of the tiniest spaces in your kitchen and create spacious storage’s with the right kitchen accessories

Over the counter systems

Over the counters systems are a handy accessory for the modern kitchen. It helps in storing cutlery or crockery as soon as they are washed in the kitchen sink. The water dripping from the washed plates and crockery will drain into the tray placed below it. You can later empty the trays and reuse it again.

Under sink units


These are storage units under the kitchen sink. You can make use of these units to store detergents, cleaning liquids, waste bins and other such items which are not used for cooking purposes. Hoop Pine helps you to make use of the space under the sinks for optimum storage needs.

Baskets and fitments

Baskets are multi-purpose storage units that are used to store all types of kitchen items and kitchen utensils. These are efficient add-ons that can be divided into partitions so as to store cups, saucers and bottles easily. The fitments are made of highly durable materials. Optimum usage of available space is guaranteed with Hoop Pine baskets and fitments.


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