Looking for wardrobes with well-planned
storage and great looks? Look no more!

Make a style statement with Wardrobes in Chennai!

Bedroom wardrobes are an irreplaceable part of every home. Right from daily wear, party wear, formals, accessories, jewelry, shoes and so on, the storage needs are endless!
All these essentials need to be easily accessible and arranged neatly. The wardrobes are beautifully designed and custom made to suit all your storage needs that fit well in your available room space.

Standard wardrobe meets all your basic needs. Makes it the best option for the ones who like to keep it simple!

Make use of the loft spaces and get extra storage spaces with this highly functional wardrobe!

Why go for the ordinary when you can make heads turn with the sophisticated and gorgeous luxury wardrobes?

Walk-in wardrobes as the name implies, allows you to walk in to your dream private space of accessories and attires!

Multiple elegant Wardrobe types to choose from; Make your pick!

You get to choose a wardrobe that suits your tastes and storage needs! Be prepared to be pampered for choices owing to a wide range of wardrobe types that are functional, beautifully designed, easy to use and save plenty of space.
Hinged wardrobe Hoop Pine


Sliding wardrobe Hoop Pine


Slide-fold wardrobe Hoop Pine


Walk-in wardrobe Hoop Pine


Do you need more clarity in deciding the best wardrobe design within your budget?

We understand that your home deserves a good wardrobe design without compromising quality to reduce cost. Being an experienced wardrobe designer in Chennai, we have learnt that people have unique tastes, so our skilled wardrobe designer team always ensures our customer’s expectations met effectively in all aspects, including price. Traditional, modern, and contemporary styles are available in our wardrobe solutions. Unsurprisingly, the dimensions of the wardrobe doors and the storage size are directly affected by the available space, which both in turn have a bearing on the price. We endeavour to offer classy design wardrobes with superior quality materials at cost-effective prices.

To know more about wardrobe design price ranges get connected with us. Our wardrobe designers are committed to making your home have an aesthetic look with our contemporary designs.

Finish off in style; Wardrobe finishes that spell perfection!

Wardrobes are not only space-saving and useful, they also look sleek and stylish with exemplary finishes that uplift the appearance of the whole room. The Wardrobes come in a wide range of finishes for you to choose from.


Hoop Pine kitchen durability

Durable, Waterproof Plywood!

The wardrobes made with durable and waterproof plywood ensure their wardrobes remain strong and durable over time. The plywood used for wardrobes is sourced from strong hardwood and never from the soft weaker woods.

Hoop Pine cabinet handle

Hinges, Channels & Handles

Wardrobes are easy to use and manage thanks to the hinges, channels and handles used in it. Hoop Pine gives attention to even the intricate details and ensures you always get the best!

Accessorize your Wardrobes that improve functionality

Wardrobes are equipped with stylish and useful accessories that wipe away all your storage related concerns.


Hoop Pine Cabinet Ergonomics

User-Friendly Ergonomics Principles Used In Wardrobes!

Hoop Pine follows ergonomic principles while designing the wardrobes to ensure that all the corners are easy to access and use by the user.

Hoop Pine Delivery

On-time Delivery and Installation Assured

Hoop Pine delivers the best wardrobes within the time frame and without any sort of delays or excuses! You can take Hoop Pine’s word for it!

Hoop Pine Relationship Manager

Stressing On Customer Friendly Relations

Hoop Pine values its customers and always lends an ear to understand their needs and provide products that suit their needs and space limitations.


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Innovative wardrobe designs leaves your spoilt for choices. The perfect accessories make it easier to store and access your wearable and making your wardrobe a stylish asset for your rooms.