Make a style statement with Wardrobes in Chennai!


Bedroom wardrobes are an irreplaceable part of every home. Right from daily wear, party wear, formals, accessories, jewelry, shoes and so on, the storage needs are endless!

All these essentials need to be easily accessible and arranged neatly. The wardrobes are beautifully designed and custom made to suit your all your storage needs that fit well in your available room space.

Multiple elegant Wardrobe types to choose from; Make your pick!


You get to choose a wardrobe that suits your tastes and storage needs! Be prepared to be pampered for choices owing to wide range of wardrobe types that are functional, beautifully designed, easy to use and save plenty of space.

Hinged wardrobe Hoop Pine


Sliding wardrobe Hoop Pine


Slide-fold wardrobe Hoop Pine


Walk-in wardrobe Hoop Pine


Kitchen cabinets

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Finish off in style; Wardrobe finishes that spell perfection!


Wardrobes are not only space saving and useful, they also look sleek and stylish with exemplary finishes that uplift the appearance of the whole room. The Wardrobes come in a wide range of finishes for you to choose from.

Wardrobe in Matt finish

Rich Interiors with Matt finishes!

Matt finishes are a trend in recent times thanks to the rich look it imparts to your wardrobes. It has a mute appearance that helps in hiding small scratches and other imperfections easily. This can come handy especially when you have little kids at your home. It diffuses the light that falls over it, thus making the color consistency improve and look smooth and stylish.

Wardrobe in gloss finish

For the Polished, Lustrous look, choose Gloss Finish

Gloss finish reflects lights from the surface, making your wardrobes shine with a satin smooth finish. It is the ideal choice for small rooms where space is a restraint. They make the room look larger with their light reflecting properties. The surfaces are very smooth and easy to clean. It adds vibrancy and lifts up the mood of the entire room!

Wood wardrobe Finishes

Wood Finish with Classic and Contemporary Designs

Do you love traditional grainy wood finishes that look classy? Then wood finishes are the one for you! Many people prefer wood finishes due to the natural, grainy texture it gives. Wood finishes look modern and stylish even in today’s era. Modern designs and natural wood color give an elegant finish!

Multi-panel wardrobe Chennai

Multi-Panel Wardrobes for those who like to mix it up!

Multi-panel wardrobes are the ideal option for those who like to combine more than one finish.  Multi-panel wardrobes help in adding flavor to the overall design. Hoop Pine stresses on providing quality products and the multi-panel wardrobes are no different! The modern looks and eye-catchy designs make your bedroom the most loved personal space of your home!


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    Durable, Waterproof Plywood!

    The wardrobes made with durable and waterproof plywood ensures they wardrobes remain strong and durable over time. The plywood used for wardrobes are sourced from strong hard wood and never from the soft weaker woods.

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    Hinges, Channels & Handles

    Wardrobes are easy to use and manage thanks to the hinges, channels and handles used in it. Hoop Pine gives attention to even the intricate details and ensures you always get the best!

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    Accessorize your Wardrobes that improves functionality

    Wardrobes are equipped with stylish and useful accessories that wipe away all your storage related concerns.


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    User Friendly Ergonomics Principles Used In Wardrobes!

    Hoop Pine follows ergonomic principles while designing the wardrobes to ensure that all the corners are easy to access and use by the user.

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    On time Delivery and Installation Assured

    Hoop Pine delivers the best wardrobes within the time frame and without any sort of delays or excuses! You can take Hoop Pine’s word for it!

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    Stressing On Customer Friendly Relations

    Hoop Pine values their customers and always lends an ear to understand their needs and provide products that suit their needs and space limitations.


Take a look


Innovative wardrobe designs leaves you spoilt for choices. The perfect accessories make it easier to store and access your wearable and making your wardrobe a stylish asset for your rooms.

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