Deciding On The Modular Kitchen Supplier

Modular kitchen supplier chennai

Deciding On The Modular Kitchen Supplier


While there are many suppliers offering modular kitchen and most of them on the outset with similar finishes, prices, deliverables etc, the decision becomes difficult. How do you decide on your modular kitchen supplier? This would have been easier if there were clear differentiators!

First you need to clearly understand if the supplier is offering an actual ‘Modular Kitchen’! Even though there are many offering ‘Modular kitchen’ in india, most are not in real sense ‘Modular’! They use laminated panels which are cut as per size, brought to the site and joined together with nails, screws and glue as in a carpentry job, which is NOT a modular kitchen. There are fewer organised players in the market who can deliver a real modular kitchen; you should identify them first and visit their showroom.

It is important that the team at the modular kitchen showroom is knowledgeable and should be able to capture your unique needs. They should exhibit practical experience to provide viable solutions as per your requirements and site condition. The overall experience while visiting the showroom is a factor; their professional approach, the layout / range of displays, the way each is explained, accessories and appliances available, design and execution capabilities, warranties, after service, how your queries are handled etc. Assess if they have adequate personnel to handle different functions like design, coordination, deliveries, installation etc. You could also ask for references or see if you can talk to some of their customers to understand their reliability.

Overall buying experience can be a clear differentiator while deciding on your modular kitchen supplier.

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