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Excellence speaks for itself! Acclaimed pantry kitchen designers of many globally reputed companies, Hoop Pine is here to raise the bar of your professional space! Pantry kitchens are an asset and a unique feature of IT/ITES companies, venture capital firms, corporate offices and top consulting firms.

What makes a well designed pantry a necessity?

• Adequate spaces for storing food and crockery
• Small dish washing space and serving counters.
• Provisions for heating food
• Coffee wending machines and water dispensers
• Microwave function and sink units
• Chutes for separating and disposing dry, wet and recyclable wastes
• Fun yet functional seating spaces

Hoop Pine designs your pantry kitchens to embrace your overall office space concept and enhance team dynamics. The latest and trendiest designs pave their way into your office pantries and completes the look effortlessly with premium appliances and finishes. Built-in dishwashers, built-in microwaves and built-in refrigerators are incorporated as a part of the pantry design itself! Hoop Pine is honored to work with some of the most reputed architectural design firms in India to create remarkable office kitchenettes.

Hoop Pine Office Pantry Kitchens are installed at;


Office Pantry Kitchens by Hoop Pine

Quality meets aesthetics at Hoop Pine’s exclusively designed office pantries. Each and every need is met within your budget! Take employee satisfaction to a greater level with Hoop Pine!

Office pantry with admirable finishes at Hoop Pine!


Your pantry is designed the way you like it with the most admirable finish that imparts a good impression in your professional space. Your employees feel cared for as you give them a space to relax, have food and sip coffee in between breaks.

Cabinets with Matt Finish

Matt Finish

Let messy fingerprints, scratches and spills stay out of sight with a matt finish. Elegant and classy, a matt finish is perfect when you don’t want your kitchen to show signs of wear and tear, with heavy usage.

Cabinets with Glossy Finish

Gloss Finish

Make your kitchen space feel bigger with a glossy finish. Sleek, contemporary and incredibly stylish, a glossy kitchen is perfect for those who believe that the kitchen is just as important as the food.

Cabinets with Wooden Finish

Wood Finish

Warm, rustic and welcoming; a wood kitchen never goes out of style. Choose from our broad range of woodfinishes to complement theclassic and natural appeal.

Cabinets with SS Finish

Stainless Steel

The latest entrant to homes, stainless steel kitchens offer you the best of both worlds. The inner boxes in SS and exterior in any finish you choose. It increases the durability of your kitchen.

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