Office Pantry Kitchens & Designs
By Hoop Pine

Crafted to perfection for your professional space.
Raise the bar with a well designed pantry kitchen!

Excellence speaks for itself; Hoop Pine Office Pantry Kitchens

Unique and well-designed pantry kitchens are becoming a common addition to most reputed IT/ITES companies, corporate offices and so on. Hoop Pine is proud to be the preferred brand of pantry kitchens to some globally reputed companies for their offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Cochin, Trivandrum, etc.
Why is a pantry kitchen a necessity? A well-designed pantry has:
  • Adequate spaces and appliances for storing food, snacks, and consumables
  • Accessories to store cutlery and crockery
  • Provision for heating and reheating
  • Coffee vending machines and water dispensers
  • Serving counters
  • Sink units and dishwashing space
  • Chutes for disposing of dry waste like paper plates and coffee cups
  • Seating spaces next to the pantry for teams to sit together and enjoy their meals, snacks and break times.
Hoop Pine pantry kitchens always are made to fit seamlessly with the overall office design concept. The latest and trendiest designs pave their way into your office pantries and complete the look with premium finishes and the latest appliances. Hoop Pine office pantry kitchens are made and installed as per the approved design and specifications of the design consultant.

Hoop Pine Office Pantries installed at;


Check out the Exquisite Pantry Kitchen Installations by Hoop Pine!

Form meets function with Hoop Pine’s exclusively designed office pantries! Every aspect is looked into with clear deliverables! Enhancing happy experiences for employees with great looking office pantry kitchen by Hoop Pine!

Office Pantry with Exclusive Finishes by Hoop Pine!


The office pantry is a space which can be used to pamper your team; designed with the latest and exclusive finishes. Make it a relaxing, social, connected place: let your employees know that you care for them!

Sliding wardrobe Matt finish

Matt finishes!

Say goodbye to messy fingerprints, scratches and spills with a matte finish! Elegant and classy, a matte finish is perfect for when you don’t want your kitchen to show any signs of wear and tear, with heavy usage. It diffuses light that falls over it thus giving the color, consistency. Choose from a wide selection of laminates, imported panels, textures and veneers fitting all range of designs and budgets.
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glossy kitchen chennai


Make your kitchen space feel bigger with a glossy finish. Sleek, contemporary and incredibly stylish – A glossy kitchen is perfect for those who believe that the quality of the kitchen is just as important as the food. A trend that never goes out of fashion. The shiny appearance of gloss finishes help in reflecting light and makes your kitchen look bigger and easier to clean. Making it the most preferred, in a modern kitchen setting.
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Wood finishes!

Warm, rustic and welcoming – A wood kitchen never goes out of style.  Natural wood finishes give the kitchen a feeling of warmth.  We have a wide range of wood species and shutter designs to suit your design palette, be it a timeless classic or a modern one. Bring a slice of nature to complement your kitchen experience!
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Stainless Steel Matt finishes!

If you want your kitchen to last a lifetime, then this is for you. The latest entrant to homes, stainless steel kitchens offer you the best of both worlds. Have the inner boxes in SS and the exterior in any finish you choose increases the durability of your kitchen. It is easy to maintain and is resistant to corrosion caused by water and food acids.
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