Modular Kitchen – Inside Vs Outside

modular kitchen cabinets

Modular Kitchen – Inside Vs Outside


How important are the finishes of inside your kitchen cabinets compared to the exterior of your modular kitchen?

Experts from one of the best modular kitchen designers in Chennai clearly elucidates that this can be one of the clear indications of the overall modular kitchen quality and could be a clear differentiator. One is to have a closer look inside the kitchen cabinets displayed at the modular kitchen showroom. Many a times, we end up looking only at the external appearance and get distracted with all the accessories and ranges available. Also the more showrooms you visit and talk to people; you will be flooded with varied information and it can be overwhelming!

It is important to give attention to details. Each component like the internals, accessory provisions, hardware, exterior finishes have to be looked into keenly. The internal laminates have to be seamlessly pressed and edge banding to be fixed with machine precision for each panel. To achieve perfection the modular kitchen cabinets has to be pre-drilled with holes (for hardware and accessory fixing), and grooves done by CNC machines. This will ensure that the panels, hinges, channels and kitchen accessories are joined in perfection while installation. If these are done manually at site, it leaves pencil markings in the internals and the accuracy in fittings will be compromised. It is the fine tuning which makes a modular kitchen to stand out and seamless with perfect lines.

To make your modular kitchen is  perfect both in form and function, look into the details of both inside and outside of the kitchen.

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