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Kitchen Design- A desideratum for your kitchen!

A functional and elegant modular kitchen is the outcome of a well-thought kitchen design by professionals experienced in the craft. A perfect kitchen design will be a fine blend of creativity, functional know-how and technical understanding. Hoop Pine designs impeccable kitchens by providing optimal solutions based on the needs and desires of the kitchen user.

Kitchen Design: Enhancing your experience!

We strive to create a happy experience for you; we design each interaction in the kitchen to be seamless. You are the focus from the concept to installation. We ensure optimal functionality and stylish looks that make your kitchen experience enjoyable each day. We detail each element in the kitchen design mapping your expectations; delivering a unique kitchen just for you.
Our kitchen interior designers understand each component that goes into your kitchen. They will give you options to choose from in terms of your priorities viz-a-viz functionality, aesthetics, accessories, storage, budget etc. Customer focus, design excellence and quality assurance are our mantras.

Ample storage and accessibility!

At Hoop Pine, all your storage-related concerns are taken seriously! Our kitchen design ensures adequate storage and accessibility to all kitchen related items. We organize our kitchen cabinets for storage of basic groceries and essential provisions (daily use & bulk), pots and pans, dinnerware, waste disposal, water purifier, gas system, small and built-in kitchen appliances etc.

Awesome looking kitchen!

Our kitchen designers have in-depth knowledge and expertise of various finishes available to make your kitchen look fabulous! Classic or Contemporary, Matt or Gloss, Wood or Wood-like, Profile or Handle-less; you name it, we have it all! Our kitchen design incorporates elements to match with the overall design concept of your Home.

Kitchen Design: Planning for perfection!

Perfection is what Hoop Pine strives to achieve in each of our kitchen design. Kitchen layout planning is a critical step that allocates zones for each kitchen activity. Primary zones are for storage, preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning; optimal workflow is charted between these zones. Electrical, plumbing and ducting layout have to be detailed to ensure all required kitchen appliances, sink areas and cabinet lighting are accommodated.
Material planning is very important as it has a direct impact on quality and costing. Our kitchen interior designers help you understand different material options available with specifications so you can select one’s that suit your requirements.

Hardware and accessories

Hardware primarily is the hinges and channels used for connecting shutter and drawers to the carcass. It is recommended to use hardware from a reputed brand, and preferably soft closing. We offer a range of handles to match the design. There are different kitchen accessories available, each offering specific functionality and ease of access. You can choose the ones which fit your requirement and budget.

Modern appliances, sink and countertop!

Kitchen design is not complete without them! Built-in Kitchen appliances are part of most kitchens today. There are different appliances that serve the function of cooking, heating, cooling, washing etc. These are functional as well as improves the overall design factor of the kitchen. And kitchen sink comes in various sizes, bowls, finishes etc; the kitchen design also specifies the right sink meeting your requirement. Finally, counter top which blends with the kitchen design will definitely add to the style factor of the kitchen. A good kitchen design should incorporate suitable counter top which brings out finer elements of the kitchen.

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