Stay organized with customized Wardrobes by Hoop Pine!


Customized wardrobes ensure that available space in your room is made use of in the most effective way! It improves the functionality of your dressing room or bedrooms and provides easily access to each and every corner of your wardrobe. It closes quietly without making any creaking sounds and can be equipped with sensor lights to light up the wardrobe spaces in the dark. The wardrobe imparts a classy look to your room and makes your home stand apart from the rest. The ease of use and availability of smart storage options helps you stay organized. Hoop Pine understands your everyday needs and helps you build a better life!

Elegant and opulent Luxury Wardrobes!

Luxury wardrobes are specially designed with exclusive finishes. matching internals, trendiest accessories and sensor lighting. The highlight of this luxury range is 10 feet single panel doors which is a rarity. Designer wardrobe with sophisticated accessories gives a great makeover to your personal space. This exquisite design is nothing short of royalty. Stand apart!

Luxury wardrobe Chennai

Easy to use, elegant and stylish; Walk-in-Wardrobes!


Walk-in Wardrobes are private enclosures dedicated for your clothing and accessories within your bedroom. It is a special dedicated space that keeps everything you need handy and easy to see and access, not just your clothing but also your shoes, ties, jewels, coats, jackets, belts, socks, and much more.  A space for you to feel exceptional and take time out for your self!

Walk-in wardrobe Chennai

Simple, easy to use and spacious - Standard Wardrobes

Standard wardrobes are undoubtedly the most economic option. It is easy to use, without any complex mechanisms and has more shelf spaces. It is also easy to construct and can be added to any room where you need extra storage space. Different materials and design can be chosen to suit the budget.

Wardrobe Chennai

Maximum space utilization - Wardrobe with loft!


Here is an easy way to get ample storage benefits. Opt for wardrobes with loft. You get to store the bulkier items like suitcases, furnishing materials, extra curtains, rolled up carpets and even less used items. It helps you to make good use of the extra space above the main frame of the wardrobe.


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