A quick guide: 7 key aspects to look into
while buying a Modular Kitchen

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    Kitchen design

    The first step is to have a good kitchen design. Ensure that the design incorporates all your specific requirements and looks good overall. Ergonomics, ample storage, kitchen accessories, kitchen appliances, external finish of your liking, right counter top, lighting and so on are things to keep in mind.

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    Kitchen finish

    Today there are plenty of options for external kitchen finishes (fascia) and that has a direct impact on how the kitchen looks. The cost also varies depending on the kitchen finish. Explore and look at options and choose the one that fits your aesthetic preference.

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    Appliances and sink

    Select your preferred kitchen appliances like Chimney, Hob, Built-in Microwave, Built-in Oven, Dishwasher, Wine Chiller etc. This adds to the overall functionality and appearance of the kitchen. Sinks with 1-2 bowls, with or without drain board, SS/quartz finishes etc are available; choose the one which suits your requirement.

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    Counter top

    Finally, the counter top also will have an impact on the way the kitchen looks. Depending on the budget you can decide between Granite, Corian, Quartz etc. Choose the right material which goes well with the overall kitchen design and kitchen finish selected.

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    Plywood used

    To ensure a modular kitchen is of good quality and durable, the material which goes in the inner box (carcass) should be of high standard. For the inner box, it is advisable to go for Boiling Water Proof plywood (BWP).

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    Hardware and accessories

    Hardware primarily are the hinges and channels used for connecting shutter and drawers to the carcass. It is recommended to use hardware from a reputed brand, and preferably soft closing. Select handles which matches the design. There are different kitchen accessories available, each offering specific functionality and ease of access. Choose the ones which fit your requirement and budget.

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    There are lighting options for under cabinet (wall cabinet) which provides better counter top visibility, inner cabinet (for glass shutters) to see items stored inside the cabinet, decorative lighting etc. Choose the right lighting.

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A quick guide: 7 key aspects to look into while buying a Modular Kitchen
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