Exquisite wardrobe designs, customized!


Hoop Pine designs customized wardrobes by providing optimal solutions based on the needs and desires of each user. We detail each element in the wardrobe design mapping your storage and aesthetic expectations; delivering a unique wardrobe just for you!

Wardrobe designed for men

Hanging up those shirts or neatly folding it up, or organizing them with accessories; get fantastic wardrobe solutions that suit your needs! Easy access to office, casual, party and home wears; storage for belts, tie collection, watches etc. Now, you no longer have to dig inside the wardrobes to find that missing pair of socks! Get menswear and accessories arranged spick and span, easy to pick in exclusive wardrobe for men!

Wardrobe designed for Men

Wardrobe designed for women


The women’s wardrobe is designed by focusing on specific wardrobe storage needs of women. Spaces for dresses, office wear or long hanging clothes, T-shirt or jeans, seasonal, home or party wear; jewelry, wearable accessories, cosmetics, hand bags, footwear all neatly organized. Shelves, rails, pull-outs and drawers arranged for ease of access in exclusive wardrobe for women!

Wardrobe for women

Wardrobe designed for couple

Easy to divide couple’s wardrobe lets you split the available space with your partner. Wardrobe designs that maintain a balance of storage need of both partners; with options for reorganization. Additional top storage’s allotted for Bed and Bath items, travel bags and suitcases, dressing and mirror unit etc. Sections for common and individual storage that considers wardrobe needs of both with this unique wardrobe design!

Wardrobe for women

Wardrobe designed for children


Children keep growing and so do their wardrobe needs. Be it a boy or girl, child or young adult; each will have their own needs and expectation. They need smart wardrobe solutions that are flexible to their growing storage needs. They need spaces that are organized so that things do not get mixed up. Hoop Pine does it effortlessly! Easy to reach, colorful and stylish!

Wardrobes for children

Be it a couple’s bedroom, children’s bedroom, parent’s bedroom or a guest bedroom we have design solutions for all your wardrobe needs.

Wardrobe accessories

There are different types of wardrobe accessories available; each for specific storage, organizing and ease of access. For men, women or unisex there are accessories and pull outs which suit each storage need. Depending on customization; wardrobe design can include Hanger rods, pull out for saree and trouser, organizer for tie, belt and jewelry, baskets and pull out for footwear and mirror etc.


Door mechanism and lighting


Standard wardrobe, Luxury wardrobe or Walk-in wardrobe; the wardrobe design will incorporate the appropriate door mechanism. Hinged, Sliding and Slide-fold options with stylish handles are added as per individual preference. Wardrobe Design also considers different lighting options which provide better inner cabinet visibility.

Wardrobe lighting

Awesome looking wardrobes

We have in depth knowledge and expertise of various finishes available to make your wardrobes look fabulous. Our wardrobe design incorporates elements to match with the overall design concept of your Home. Wardrobe solutions with finishes that leaves an impression and makes heads turn! Finish off in style with Hoop Pine wardrobe solutions!

Awesome wardrobe chennai

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