Granite On Concrete Slab In Kitchens

Granite slab in kitchen

Granite On Concrete Slab In Kitchens


If you are looking at getting a modular kitchen installed for your home, it is advisable to lay the granite counter after you meet with a modular kitchen specialist. In many Chennai homes/apartments, the kitchens are built with granite laid on top of a concrete slab. For a modular kitchen designers, this is a concern because it restricts the space available for storage in base units. Also many good kitchen accessories which come in standard sizes cannot be incorporated in the design which could be a disappointment for many kitchen users. And installation is very tedious as each cabinet sizes need to be adjusted due to the height variation between the floor and the concrete slab. These kinds of kitchens are generally termed as semi-modular kitchen in India. The final output of a modular kitchen in comparison to a semi-modular is better.

Expert from modular kitchen companies in chennai say that a modular kitchen may not take the weight of the granite counter and hence concrete slab is necessary! Modular kitchen cabinets made with good quality plywood can support the granite counter top. Each cabinet are independent units and are joined together while installing and it will have adequate strength to support granite counter tops.

Some also say that a semi-modular kitchen is a cheaper option than a modular kitchen. If you are making full cabinets with shutters/drawers, then the costing for both remain the same. In fact the installation costs will be higher for semi-modular due to extra labour/man hours required. If you are only closing the front portion with shutters and frame work, then the costs are minimal but it cannot be considered as a semi-modular or modular kitchen.

If you intent to buy a modular kitchen, it is better to give an empty space so the kitchen designer can best conceptualise your kitchen space.

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