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Kitchen Sinks in Chennai that speaks your style; at Hoop Pine

We provide complete solutions for all your Modular Kitchen needs. We have partnered with KAFF kitchen sinks to offer you sleek cleaning zones that leave your kitchen sparkling clean and elegant! Available in both stainless steel and quartz finishes; with the quartz finish available in various colors. Hoop Pine lays stress on durability and cleanliness, at the same time ensuring that the kitchen sinks are easy to maintain. Let the sink be in line with the elegance of your Modular Kitchen!

Single bowl sink

A Wide range of single bowl kitchen sinks to choose from. With a depth of 204 mm and a sound reduction pad fitted at the sink bottom, this sink is the perfect choice for smaller kitchens. It has anti-condensation coating and looks elegant in quartz or granite with various color options to choose from!

Single bowl sink with drain board

European style sinks that come with a scratch-resistant board. The carbon black finish makes your kitchen look extraordinarily sleek and elegant. The kitchen sinks have a siphon and pipe with a sound reduction pad at the bottom and stainless-steel finish.

Double Bowl Sink

If you prefer to have a mess-free kitchen, then double bowl sink is the one for you. There is a chaos free zone in this sink. It has a depth of 228 mm, with a sound reduction pad at the bottom and an anti-condensation coating. Get a sophisticated and elegant finishing touch to your kitchen with the stainless-steel sink design!

Double bowl sink with drain board

If you are looking for a kitchen sink that carries a heavy load, then choose this. This European style kitchen sinks are the ideal choice for joint families. You can easily empty your hot messes inside the sinks and experience a hassle-free cleaning zone. It comes in quartz and stainless-steel finish.

Sophisticated looks guaranteed with elegant finishes

Kitchen sinks designed for both traditional and contemporary Modular Kitchens by Hoop Pine!

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