Wooden flooring adds a touch of elegance and
natural beauty to your interiors
Wood Floors

Eco-friendly and natural;
Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the best natural wood flooring materials you can ever find! It is produced from bamboos which has the hardwood properties, is eco-friendly and effortless to maintain. It is also highly durable, reliable and hard. It elevates the looks and elegance of a room instantly and imparts a positive and refreshing atmosphere. Go green and choose bamboos for the refreshingly natural yet elegant look. Let your floors do the talking. Hoop Pine handpicks wooden flooring materials for you; living spaces redefined!

Delightful shades in Bamboo flooring!


Ultra-premium wooden floors for that natural, rustic look with design patterns

Pick cues from nature and transform your floors with our ultra-premium wooden flooring that ooze in elegance and naturalistic looks. Be it the mineral deposit patterns or the redwood patterns; these flooring elements make your rooms a class apart from others. Usher in the rustic beauty of sandy deserts, stone mountains and serene lakes inside your rooms by opting for premium wooded flooring. Why look elsewhere to be inspired when nature itself offers many!

Eye-catchy patterns from our ultra-premium range wooden flooring!


Exquisite Engineered Wooden flooring for the classic yet modernistic looks!

Engineered wooden floors closely resemble hardwood floors as it is topped with a thin layer of original and natural wood. The layer of natural wood is placed over sturdy plywood. It offers resistance to moisture much better than hardwood floors. The rooms remain warm even in cold climates as the woods do not conduct cold much. The unique patterns and luxurious appearance of real wood make engineered wooden flooring the best option for those who love natural looks over artificial ones.

Check out the various types of Engineered Wooden flooring


Aesthetic looks, moderate prices and ease of installation; Laminate flooring

If affordability is what you are looking for the most, then Laminate flooring is the one for you. These look like wood but are not! Laminate floors are made of a board that is pressed into a thin layer and covered up with an image of a wood floor. A wear layer protects the image over the top. One of the most significant benefits of laminate floors is that it is available at affordable rates and is very easy to install. The topmost layer is strong enough to withstand scratches and it looks as good as new even after repeated usage.

Attractive patterns in Laminate flooring


Refined looks of Outer Decking

Outer decking is the best way to add a touch of nature to your outside balconies and decks. Precisely engineered superior quality materials are used to make outer decking. It gives a rich look and elegant finish. This is also one of the reasons why it is often preferred in resorts and hotels. It uplifts the appearance of the exterior as a whole and gives it a refined look.

Eye-catchy patterns and types of Outer Decking!


The more you know about Wood floor,
the more you love it!

The timeless beauty of Wood floors is unsurpassed and remains the most favored choice always. It gives a rich look, which no artificial designs can ever give. Today’s wooden floors are more durable and moisture resistant than those of olden times. It uplifts the total appearance of your rooms and adds a dash of elegance to your floors. Another significant benefit of wood floors is the comfort factor it provides. The rooms remain warm and comfortable even in chilly weathers. The natural wood grain patterns make your home look classic and modernistic at the same time.

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