Quick guide: 6 aspects to look
into while buying your Bedroom Wardrobes

Wardrobe design

The first step is to have a functional and good wardrobe design done. The inner storage design can have minor variations depending on the user viz-a-viz wardrobe for men, women, couples, children ,etc. Ensure that each wardrobe incorporates all the specific storage requirements and overall it looks great. Ergonomics, ample storage, accessories, dressing/mirror unit, door mechanism, the external finish of your liking,lighting, etc are things to keep in mind.

Door, drawer mechanism & hardware

The way the wardrobe door opens depends on the door mechanism. Choose between Hinged, Sliding or Slide-Fold option. It is recommended to use drawers mechanism from a reputed brand, and preferably soft closing. Select handles that matches the design. You could choose to have locks for both doors and drawers.


There are different wardrobe accessories available; each for specific storage, organizing and ease of access. For men, women, couples or children, you can choose the ones which fit your requirement and budget.

Plywood used

To ensure the wardrobe is of good quality and is durable, the material which goes in the inner box (carcass) should be of a high standard. For the inner box, it is recommended to go for Boiling Water Proof plywood (BWP).

Wardrobe finish

Today there are plenty of options for external finishes (fascia) and it has a direct impact on how the wardrobe looks. The cost also varies depending on the chosen finish. Explore and look at options and choose the one of your aesthetic preference and budget.


There are lighting options for wardrobes that provide better inner cabinet visibility. There are strip lights and spotlights with or without sensors, decorative lighting ,etc. Choose the right lighting.