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Kitchen Design – What To Look For?

by HoopPine |March 1, 2016 |3 Comments | Blogs, Modular Kitchen?


There are many facets to designing an exceptional kitchen. A good kitchen design must offer optimal storage with ease of access, efficient layout/work triangle, consider shutter design/finish options, material planning for better durability and overall heart warming aesthetics.

Typical storage in kitchens include basic groceries and essential provisions (daily use & bulk), pots and pans, dinnerware, waste disposal, water purifier, gas system, handy electrical appliancesetc. Efficient layouts should minimise movement between storage area, preparation/cooking/cleaning area and serving counter. Today, shutter finishes and designs are readily available to satisfy every individual requirement. Material planning is key, as  it has a direct implication on the durability of kitchen cabinets. Depending on the customer’s budget, kitchen designs and material options vary accordingly along with type of kitchen construction, extent of modular cabinetries, accessories, lighting etc. Aesthetics is a function of the sizes of cabinetries with drawers/shutters, shades/combination used for the kitchen fascia, handles, counter top and back splash tiles, kitchen appliances etc.

A good kitchen designer is one who has an in-depth knowledge of all above factors and who could capture each customer’s specific requirements. H/She should be able to visualise, conceptualise with clarity and present you with a lasting impression.

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