Sliding wardrobe with Glass veneer

Wardrobe, An Important Asset For Storage

Wardrobes are a crucial storage solution that will impact how you store, organise and use the stuff at home. Wardrobe designers in Chennai suggest that we need to find the overall interior design scheme and match it with the wardrobe design. We are the leading interior design company in Chennai that focuses on customer satisfaction, design excellence and quality assurance. We have readymade wardrobes and also offer custom made wardrobes. We urge our customers to consider different factors before choosing one because we believe that it is an asset that has to work for you lifelong. Your preferences and needs will provide us with the seed to create a unique wardrobe that is made just for you. 



Wardrobe Design, Style And Space



The first and foremost thing we ask our customers in Chennai is space availability to build a wardrobe. Wardrobes can be fitted into small rooms and spacious rooms. But the design and features will change based on the space. The length, height and breadth will be taken into account before designing the wardrobe. Wardrobe design will impact the overall feel and look of the room. Small rooms will require compact wardrobes, preferably with a sliding door. We can have more customisation and creativity with large spaces. A clean design will give a more compact look. 


You can choose custom made or modular ones. Modular ones come in standard sizes, and you will have to choose based on space availability. Custom made is more flexible. You can design based on your choice within the available space and budget. Standard styles will not have much scope for redesigning. You will have to accept it as it is. With custom made wardrobes, you can experiment with colours, finishes, design, size and shape. Custom made are hand made wardrobes by carpenters while standard ones are factory-made. Standard ones will get done quicker, and you will have them fitted immediately at home. 



Door Style And Requirement Influence Wardrobe Design



For our customera in Chennai, we recommend colours that complement the colour palette of the room. There is a wide range of colours available across different types of wardrobes. Creative colour combinations will majorly make the wardrobe look trendy and modern. Door style is another important choice you will have to make, based on personal preference, space available, and convenience. Sliding doors and swing doors are two popular types of doors used in wardrobes. Sliding doors function smoothly over a dual track and helps in saving space. It makes wardrobes look more stylish, elegant and modern. It is most suitable for large wardrobes. 


Swing doors are more common and can be used in wardrobes of any size. It is a functional wardrobe and suits large bedrooms with enough space to open the door and stand. As you select based on space, design, style and colour, you must also understand your requirement before choosing one. Defining the need for a wardrobe is very important. If you are changing the existing one for a new one, you need to identify the change’s reason to fix a design for the new one quickly. The storage requirement needs to be given a thought, so you know how you want your wardrobe. Planning is very crucial when you are choosing a custom made design.
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