Choosing Wooden Wardrobe For Storing Clothes

Storing clothes and accessories require perfect and functional closets or wardrobes. Storage is an important aspect that must be given serious thought while selecting furniture and home interiors. Perfectly selected dressers, cabinets and wardrobes will help keep the house more organised, especially the bedroom. Organising a house is easier when you choose the right piece of storage. There are clothes, accessories, bedding, toys, warm clothes, grooming items, shoes and makeup. The storage needs, size of the room and lifestyle are the different factors that affect wardrobes and closets. 


The material will have to be of top quality so that the wardrobe will be sturdy and durable. A solid wooden wardrobe is one of the popular options globally for its classic style, durability and functionality. They can be customised and provide a versatile manner. A solid wood wardrobe will be perfect for your bedroom. It helps create a lovely theme as you match the wardrobe with the side table, bed and dresser. We can create an aesthetic look as well as take care of your storage needs. We are a famous interior design company in Chennai specialising in modular kitchen, wardrobes, storage cabinets, furniture and other home interiors.



Different Types Of Wooden Wardrobes



Wooden doors come with different types of doors and cupboards. Depending on the size of the room and storage needs, you need to select the right one that makes optimal use of space. Most of our customers in Chennai opt for wooden wardrobes for their style and classic look. Those who have small bedrooms, single door solid wood wardrobe will be ideal. Kids’ rooms or bedrooms for single adults will be small. We also suggest using a single door wardrobe in bigger rooms where there is additional storage need.


Wardrobes with double doors are the most common ones that fit into all rooms of any size. The wardrobe will have enough space to organise and store clothes and other daily used accessories. Spacious guest rooms and master bedrooms can have 3 door wardrobes. It will have space to store bags, shoes and other accessories. 4 door and 5 door types of wardrobes are ideal for families who share the closets for storage. Solid wooden wardrobes also come in 4 different styles. 


Wardrobes with sliding doors are trendy, stylish and space-saving. It is convenient to operate and suit a medium-sized bedroom. Solid wooden fitted wardrobes are built into two walls. It can be custom made as per the size of the room.  It saves a lot of space and also fits into corners. Wardrobes with hinged doors is a traditional type that is most commonly used in households. It can either be built into the walls or made as a single piece. We have options for single and double hinged doors. The wardrobe can be combined with drawers and shelves. Walk-in closets are stylish wardrobes that are more spacious and stylish. It is a luxurious option for spacious homes and large apartments. It comprises shelves, drawers, compartments and standing space. 



Factors To Consider Before Choosing Wooden Wardrobes


Our wardrobe designers in Chennai mostly use customised wardrobes to suit the style and preference of our customers. Even for readymade wardrobes, there will be certain things that you would want to change. The wardrobe you choose should fit comfortably in the room. The height of the wall and placement of other furniture must be considered when you measure the area for the wardrobe. It must not make your room busy. You must be aware of your storage needs. You need to find if you mean more drawers or shelves. If you have kids, you need to decide if they need drawers or compartments. You must finalise if you need additional features or just an essential wardrobe. Again you must consider what you need to store in a wardrobe. Wooden wardrobes are expensive ones and an excellent investment that will last long. The style and colour are also some factors that will affect the cost and choice of wardrobe. 

Wardrobe design Chennai
Wardrobe design Chennai