Modular Cabinet finishes for contemporary and traditional designs

Hoop Pine offers you widest range of finishes,shades and profiles! Get the exact look you want!

Finish in style!

Budget friendly laminates to European boards- Cabinets with Matt Finish


Take your pick from a wide range of solid colors and elegant wood grain designs. Cabinet finish in ‘Matt’ gives you a more consistent appearance; finger prints and marks are less visible. It diffuses the light that falls over it, thus giving the color consistency.

German foil - Matt Finish for Cabinets


Glistening gloss finishes for Modular Cabinets

The trend that never goes out of fashion and is the most preferred; that is gloss finish for you. Best suited for contemporary kitchen settings, cabinets with gloss finish has shiny appearance that helps in reflecting the light and makes your kitchen look bigger! Also easier to clean!

German foil - Gloss finish for Cabinets

Lacquer: Gloss finish for Cabinets

Timeless & natural: Cabinets in Wood finish

Do you love the classic looks of wood finishes? Does the natural wood grain make you feel  warm and cozy? Then Wood finish is the one for you! Timeless and classic, the natural looks of wood never go out of fashion. Get a heavenly piece of nature in your cooking space.

Lasting a lifetime! Say it with stainless steel kitchens

If you want your kitchen to last a lifetime, then this is for you. Inner cabinets made with Stainless Steel and exterior finish of your preference. It is easy to maintain, easy to clean and is corrosion resistant to water and food acids! Say it with steel!

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