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The focal point of any kitchen is the kitchen cabinets! They are not mere boxes with doors as before. At Hoop Pine, we provide kitchen cabinet design solutions with great storage facilities and separate racks for every purpose. Exquisite looks and perfection is guaranteed! Kitchen cabinets should be designed in such a way that it reflects your personality and choices!

Get optimal storage with the right Kitchen cabinets!

Have you ever wished that your kitchen had better storage areas for you to store all those large utensils and containers? Below are different types of Kitchen cabinets for storage and you can choose from the ones that suit your specific requirement.

Base cabinets

Base cabinets are kitchen cabinets that rest on the floor level giving storage provision for different types of kitchen items. Even if you have limited floor space, base cabinets can make adequate usage of the available space and offer you more space than you would expect.
Cabinet with internal as adjustable shelf/pull-out
Cabinets with adjustable shelves are used to create storage space for items with varied heights. Kitchen Cabinets with pull-outs are best for ease of access.
Cabinet with external as Shutters/Drawers
Bottom kitchen cabinets can be closed either with shutters (doors) or drawers. There are various types of drawers and pull outs available to choose from.
Corner Cabinet
When there is a corner, we need to utilize that space with a corner cabinet option like L-corners, Blind corners, chamfer unit, corner unit with drawers, and so on.
Sink Cabinet
Cabinets under the sink can be put to good use by using it as a storage space for placing your garbage bin or cleaning items like detergents.
Under Hob Cabinet
Under hob cabinets are mostly utilized to store cutlery, plates, ladles etc. It can also be used to store gas cylinders and ensure there is air ventilation.
Cabinet to store gas cylinder
Store gas cylinders safely inside cabinets that are exclusively designed for this. It is equipped with openings to make the connections while emphasizing on safety.
Open Cabinet for Vegetable Storage
Keep your vegetables fresh as new with open cabinets and accessories designed for it. The open spaces help in circulating fresh air.
Cabinet with built-in oven, dishwasher
Increase the style quotient and efficiency of your kitchen by opting for a modular kitchen with cabinets that incorporates built-in oven and dishwashers.

Mid-level cabinet

Mid-level cabinets are the affordable yet stylish way to increase storage spaces in your modular kitchen. We help you choose sleek mid-level kitchen cabinets that are efficient and space saving!
Cabinet with internal as adjustable shelf/Pull-out/Pantry
The internal arrangement of mid-level cabinets can be either with adjustable shelves or pull-outs. There are accessories specific for this type of kitchen cabinets to maximize storage.
Cabinet with external as Shutter/Drawers or a combination
Stylish, toned and spacious cabinets with shutters and drawers can be the perfect addition to your kitchen space. Option of having a combination of both are also possible.
Cabinet to Store Cleaning Items/Stick/Equipment, etc.
No more wastage of floor space to store all those long cleaning rods, mops and other equipment’s. Here is a cabinet that stores all these and tucks it away neatly in cabinets inside your kitchen.
Cabinet with built-in microwave and Oven
Make cooking easy as pie at the same time not affecting the overall looks of your kitchen theme with cabinets that come with built-in microwaves and ovens.
Wall cabinet
Wall cabinets are kitchen cabinets which are placed about 2ft above the counter. These kitchen cabinets are usually used to store item which are not too heavy.
Drip tray unit for washed utensils/crockery/cutlery
Make good use of your wall space by opting for wall cabinets with internal spaces housing adjustable shelves.
Wall cabinet with external as shutter/ lift up/ glass
Wall cabinets can be closed by hinged shutter, lift up, glass shutters etc
Cabinet to store spices/smaller storage with dry items
Wall cabinets can be closed by hinged shutter, lift up, glass shutters etc
Drip tray unit for washed utensils/crockery/cutlery
Keep your kitchen clean and dry using drip tray units into which water can drip from washed utensils or cutlery.
Corner Units- Chamfer/ L Corner
Make optimum use of all those corners with chamfer and L corner unit cabinets.
Open Shelf Units (Regular & Corner)
In a kitchen, opt for open shelves to get easy access to all the immediate things you need often.
Provision for under cabinet lighting
Enhance the visibility levels of the counter top using under cabinet lighting.

Sit-on work top unit

As the name implies, these are kitchen cabinets which sit on the counter top. Our exclusive sit-on work storage cabinet design helps you store all your small appliances, making your kitchen clutter-free and stylish!
Cabinet with internal as adjustable shelf
Internal cabinets with shelves that are adjustable to reach out and pick items.
Cabinet with external as Shutter/Roller Shutter
Stylish and functional units of cabinets that have shutters or roller shutters in fashinable hues that raises the style quotient.
Cabinet with drawer and glass shutter
Sleek and elegant cabinets with glass shutters and bottom drawer are another choice for your kitchen

Tall cabinet

If you are looking at more storage capacity, then include one or more tall cabinets in your kitchen! These kitchen cabinets improve storage and enhance the style quotient of your Modular Kitchen!
Tall Cabinet with internal as adjustable shelf/ accessories
Accessorize tall cabinets with internal pull-outs/ pantry/ larder unit/ double pantry
Tall Cabinet with external as Shutter/ Pull-out
Complete the tall cabinets with stylish shutters or pull-out units to improve the functionality of your kitchen.
Tall Cabinet with built-in Microwave and Oven
Compact fitted built-in microwave and oven inside tall cabinets helps to maintain the style and elegance of your kitchen.

Break fast counter

Breakfast counter in the kitchen allows you to catch a quick snack or enjoy breakfast with your near ones by sitting inside the kitchen itself! Bond well and create memories cooking, laughing and eating together in the kitchen! The breakfast counter also acts as extra storage spaces for your Modular Kitchen!
Peninsular Counter
Peninsular counters are units that are accessible from three sides. They can be used as breakfast counters either at same level of the counter or upraised; depending on your liking.
Island Counter
Raise the functionality and style of your kitchen with same level or upraised island counters that can be used for all works such as chopping, cooking, spending time with your family and as a dining area too!

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