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Kitchen cabinets are used to store groceries, vegetables, utensils and cooking equipment. They are not mere boxes or shelves with doors. At Hoop Pine, we provide kitchen cabinet solutions with optimal storage and space for every item. Each kitchen cabinet is aesthetically designed while giving utmost importance to it’s specific function.

Get optimal storage with the right Kitchen cabinets!


Have you ever wished that your kitchen had better storage areas for you to store all those large utensils and containers? Below are different types of Kitchen cabinets for storage and you can choose from the ones that suit your specific requirement.

Base cabinets

Base cabinets are kitchen cabinets which rest on the floor level giving storage provision for different types of kitchen items. Even if you have very less floor space, base cabinets can make adequate usage of the available space and offer you more space than you would ever expect.

Mid-level cabinet


Mid-level cabinets are the affordable yet stylish way to increase storage spaces in your modular kitchen. We help you choose sleek mid-level kitchen cabinets that are efficient and space saving!

Wall cabinet

Wall cabinets are kitchen cabinets which are placed about 2ft above the counter. These kitchen cabinets are usually used to store item which are not too heavy.

Sit-on work top unit


As the name implies, these are kitchen cabinets which sits on the counter top. Our exclusive sit-on work storage cabinet design helps you store all your small appliances, making your kitchen clutter-free and stylish!

Tall cabinet

If you are looking at more storage, then include one or more tall cabinets in your kitchen! These kitchen cabinets improve storage and enhance the style quotient of your Modular Kitchen!

Break fast counter


Breakfast counters in the kitchen allows you to enjoy a quick snack or endeavor the breakfast with your near ones by sitting inside the kitchen itself! Bond and create memories cooking, laughing and eating together in the kitchen! The breakfast counter also acts as extra storage spaces for your Modular Kitchen!

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