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Practical And Functional Wardrobes in Chennai

We do not want to dump clothes and accessories. After spending money on the clothes, we do want to preserve them so they last long. Wardrobes are a solution to keep things organised practically and functionally. One can use it to dump clothes or get creative with its look and give a unique definition with bespoke styles and designs. Experts feel that most of the customers do not want it looking like a plain box that lacks style.  


An excellent design that gels with the interiors and a great finish are the minimum things people aspire for when designing a wardrobe. The visual illusion, texture, colour are other aspects that make wardrobes unique. One important thing is that after shelling out money on a great looking wardrobe, people expect it to last long, functional, easy to maintain and are durable. The type of material you choose will help you balance all these aspects. We are a leading interior design company offering excellent wardrobes in chennai .


Different Materials Used For Building Wardrobes



We use different materials based on the requirement of customers in Chennai. Plywood is the most robust and durable material used for making wardrobes. Plywood is made by placing sheets of wood veneers together to form a solid layer of wood. The strength is evenly distributed. We can create more detailed designs on the wardrobe as it is easier to work with and lighter. It is flexible as we can add various colours, textures and other materials to make it look stylish and beautiful. 

Plywood comes in a variety of sizes which reduces wastage, covering larger areas without compromising the strength of the wardrobe. Medium Particle Fibreboard or MDF consists of residues that are hammered and formed into sheets. The fine sheet of the board will result in an even and smooth finish without any knots and bumps. It is cheaper than plywood. It uses waste wood particles resulting in an eco-friendly option for wardrobes. The smoothness will allow decorative corners and cuts. 


Particleboard is another eco-friendly and cheaper option for making wardrobes. It is made from sawdust and wood chips. It also comes with pre-lamination. Particleboard is easy to work on and is very lightweight, but it is not as strong as plywood or MDF. Solid wood is a traditional favourite material for making wardrobes. It has a classic look that lasts long. The natural texture provides visual appeal. It is not highly customisable in terms of finishes and colour. Wood is also hefty as it is susceptible to nicks and scratches. We can also mix different materials to create a durable piece of wardrobe that looks eternal. 



Materials The Provide A Stylish Finish For Wardrobes



Plain looking wardrobes are a thing of the past. Most of our customers in Chennai love to have the perfect finish in the wardrobes. The veneer is a popular material used for an excellent finish. It is also an economical option and efficiently replicates solid wood. It is made of sheets of natural wood and offers a variety of designs. Laminate is another option that comes in a variety of colours. It is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. It is not durable as it is brittle, and if one part chips off, the entire sheet should be replaced. PVC materials are used with MDF boards to form a design and decoration over the surface. It provides semi-gloss, comes in a range of finish and is scratch-resistant. 


Lacquer is another option to coat the surface of wardrobes. It comes in a variety of colours and has an excellent gloss, and can be easily maintained. A mirror is a remarkable fixture to cover the exterior of the wardrobes. It will reflect light and highlights a small room making it look bigger. Transparent, opaque or stained glass is another decorative material used for stylish wardrobes. The colours can be with the colour palette of the room. It increases airiness and brightness in the room. Metal and steel are other popular options used for wardrobes that increase space and style. 

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