Optimizing closet space for organized storage

Not having closet space is a perpetual problem. Even big, traditional wardrobes fitted with horizontal shelves may not be enough for some people. A big, messy, unorganized wardrobe is a common sight in many houses. One of the most modern transitions of the wardrobe is the compartmentalization of its interiors. The modern hack is a genius solution to a long-standing problem.

Modern wardrobes are divided into sectional units called compartments. These compartments are extremely effective in making use of the limited space to store all the necessary clothes and accessories in a neat and orderly fashion. Irrespective of the wardrobe price, the compartments increase the functionality of the wardrobe.

The different compartments in a modern wardrobe

Hanger rods

Every modern wardrobe comes with a standard hanger rod section. The hanger rod is either fixed or can be pulled with the use of a mechanism that makes it easily accessible for short-statured people. The hanger rod makes it easy to store clothes without any folds or creases. It is very apt for expensive jackets, tuxedos, coats, and other clothing items that should not be folded.

Trouser rack

Solely designed to keep trousers wrinkle-free, the trouser rack is very similar to the hanger rods. The rack is designed with exact dimensions to store trousers. It can either be pulled out or swivelled out.

Skirting drawers

These narrow drawers are mostly located at the bottom of the wardrobe and used to keep items like important documents, papers, bills, invoices, warranty cards and stationery items like letter pads, envelopes, and pens. Fitted with a push-open mechanism, they can be opened with a slight push of the foot.

Glass drawers

Glass drawer cabinets are mostly used to store items that are often used, like socks, ties, innerwear, watches and other daily essentials. The glass makes it easy to spot items instead of messing up the entire space to look for something.

Compartmentalized accessory tray

A compartmentalized shelf inside a compartmentalized wardrobe takes organized storage to the next level. Instead of throwing all the accessories into one drawer, the compartments are used to house each accessory, so that everything is safe in its allocated place. The partitions can also be custom-made to fit the size of the accessories.

Saree rack

This compartment is very similar to the trouser section, but it can be bigger to accommodate a large number of sarees that can be neatly hung on a hanger rod. This easy storage solution ensures that expensive sarees are crease-free and the embellishments are undamaged.

Functional rack

Why waste precious space when the wardrobe can house other items apart from clothes and accessories? If the wardrobe covers two walls of the room, special sections can be added to store a pull-out iron board, a pull-out mirror and a mini writing desk.

Shoe rack

People who love their footwear do not hesitate to dedicate an entire space just to store their expensive footwear. While the bottom horizontal rack is mostly used to keep footwear, it is also a trend to build customized shelves to store thigh-length boots and footwear of all sizes.

Wardrobe price: Does it increase with compartments?

The more compartments the wardrobe has, the more expensive it will be. Compartments call for more material, planning, and workmanship that invariably push the price factor. But when storage is made easy, the investment is worth every penny spent.

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