Modern wardrobes: An indispensable part of home furniture

In today’s contemporary homes, the wardrobe is not a piece of furniture, but a part of the room that adds value and functionality to space. All modern homes are designed with rooms that have a specially allocated space to house wardrobes. A lot of thought and planning goes into designing a wardrobe that not only serves its purpose of organized storage but also complements the decor of the room.

Wardrobe styling, as it is called today, shows the great transformation of the traditional almirah. This article explores simple but stunning ideas suggested by a leading wardrobe designer in Chennai

Ideas for wardrobe design suggested by a leading wardrobe designer company in Chennai

The following are some of the most trending wardrobe designs:

Mirror-panelled wardrobes

A mirror is an important accessory in every household. Why put it in a corner when it can be made the central element in the room that serves multiple purposes? Mirror-panelled wardrobes are very functional:
They make a small room look bigger.
The use of mirrors on a window-facing wardrobe reflects the natural light and brightens up the room.
The mirrors can be simultaneously used by many people.

Walk-in wardrobes with cut-glass doors

Walk-in wardrobes are a luxury that not everyone can afford. Exclusive to those who have space and money, walk-in closets are now designed with sliding glass shutters or glass doors. The cut-glass doors cleverly conceal the walk-in closet and make the room look bigger and brighter. Apart from reflecting mirrors, frosted, tinted, coloured and lacquered glass are also in vogue.

Patterned wardrobes

A combination of plain and patterned designs on the wardrobe infuses an element of interest in a boring room. Gone are the days of using plain coloured plywoods. The current trend is to mix and match textured plywoods and other materials to create an interesting contrast that accentuates the wardrobe. The contrast patterns can be incorporated in any way: vertical, horizontal, zigzag, patched, checked, or abstract arrangements. The possibilities are endless.

Wooden wardrobes

The use of wood is a long-standing, classic idea that never goes out of style. Teak, rosewood, oak, and Sheesham are expensive but still the prime choice for many people. Wood lends a sense of warmth and rustic appeal to the room and blends harmoniously with contemporary architecture and decor.

Angled wardrobes

These wardrobes are the perfect solution for rooms that have too many corners and unusual spaces that will often be wasted. The angled wardrobe is mostly custom-made to make optimum use of these unusual spaces. It is also recommended for rooms with sloped roofs and tilted ceilings.

Sliding-door wardrobes

Wardrobes were first made with sliding doors as a functional element for rooms with limited spaces. Today, sliding door are highly preferred for their urbanistic look, and functionality, irrespective of the room size. The funky sliding doors are hoisted on rails that glide smoothly and also keep the wardrobe properly locked.

This design can even support foldable shelves or pull-out desks that can be used for study purposes.

Ideas for wardrobe interiors: Making use of space inside the wardrobe(H2)

Wardrobes are no longer made with horizontal shelves lined one after the other. However spacious or limited, the interior of a wardrobe is designed to fulfil multiple storage purposes. Some of the modern ideas for wardrobe interiors are:

Vertical cupboards with hanging rods to neatly store long coats, blazers, jackets, etc
Drawers to keep jewellery, and other small but valuable accessories like cufflinks, watches, etc.
Overhead lofts to store baggage items.
Compartmentalized or horizontal, spacious shelves for footwear.
Large drawers to house socks, shorts and medium-sized clothes.
Drawers with locks to keep valuables.

Ready to buy wardrobes are designed with a combination of shelves and drawers. A customization is always an option that is available for those who want the wardrobe to align with the kind of clothes and accessories they own.

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