Wardrobes: A prime piece of furniture for your house

Built-in wardrobes and stand-alone wardrobes have replaced traditional steel cupboards in many houses across Chennai. Wardrobes have become one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home. They are the best solutions for organized storage and add aesthetic value to the interior space of the house.

From massive wall-to-wall wardrobes to single-door wardrobes, there are many different types that everyone can choose from. The rule of thumb is to find a wardrobe that ticks all the requirements and lasts for generations.

Sliding wardrobe and other different types of wardrobes that are in trend

It is always better to check out the different types of wardrobes that are currently in trend. We are listing the wardrobes that are popular in contemporary homes so that people make the right choice and pick the type that suits their needs and the decor of the house.

1. Sliding door wardrobe

Wardrobes with sliding doors are the perfect solution for rooms with limited space. Sliding doors are a brilliant, non-fussy, modernistic take on the traditional swinging doors. Wardrobes with sliding doors are smooth to operate. The available wardrobe space can be divided into more than two doors that glide effortlessly on tracks.

Sliding wardrobes can be customised in any way. While they are quite expensive, sliding doors are worth the investment because they make optimum use of space and offer an urban look to the wardrobe and the room.

2. Built-in wardrobes
Built-in or wall-mounted wardrobes are the most traditional kind of custom-made wardrobes that have been around since the 1960s. But of course, the built-in wardrobes of today are sleeker and their internal designs are more functional. Most built-in wardrobes have a hinged door, hence the requirement of space is essential.

From using expensive teak or rosewood to simply plywoods, these wardrobes can be built with any type of exterior that suits that decor of the room.

3. Walk-in wardrobes

For a house that has ample space, the walk-in wardrobe seems to be the first choice for its functionality, style, and luxury quotient. The walk-in wardrobe is the most expensive investment because it is a room in itself. The entire wardrobe can be accessed through a single door that opens into a closed space that is covered with well-designed storage space for clothes, jewellery and accessories.

A standard walk-in wardrobe will have closed shelves for clothes, hanging space for coats, ties, evening gowns, sarees, trousers, and racks for footwear and handbags. More opulent walk-in wardrobes have space to fit elegant dressing tables and chaise lounges. The possibilities are endless with these over-the-top wardrobes.

4. L-shaped wardrobe

When the design of the room calls for use of every inch of the space, including the corners, the L-shaped wardrobe is the best choice. This type is also known as “corner wardrobes” and are mostly fitted with sliding doors so that the corner doors can be opened simultaneously. This wardrobe style is also a popular choice because it makes optimum use of space and provides great style.

5. Customized wardrobes

Most wardrobes that are customized for rooms are designed to serve multiple purposes. Apart from storing clothes and personal belongings, wardrobes are fitted with entertainment spaces and workspaces to hold Tv units and a study table and chair.

Customized exclusively to fit the wall space of a room, customized wardrobes are great for kids rooms and teen rooms.

6. Sloped wardrobes

Spaces like attics, mezzanine lofts and nooks and crannies can be cleverly converted into functional spaces. Staircase wardrobes are the best example of using space that is often wasted. In children’s rooms, the bed is sometimes raised off the floor and made accessible with a small staircase. The space underneath the bed is fitted with a customized wardrobe to hold the child’s toys, clothes, and other personal items. This idea is not only functional but also adds a fun quotient in the child’s room.

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